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Post  Daskalous on Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:52 am


A. Name:Soter
B. Age and gender:male,24
C. Location:Greece
D. Tell us something about yourself:dont let the pandastyle trick you,i am a troll Razz


A. Server:Twisting nether
B. Character name:Daskalous
C. Race and class:pandaren/monk
D. Number of days played (/played):7 days thats for the monk only
E. What professions do you have on your main character and are they maxed out?:
600/600 jc
600/600 alch

i was at a number of pve guilds at the past at silvermoon server,i started playing here 2 months ago with some irl friends

A. Previous Guild(s): 1)invi(Silvermoon),2)nerve(jaedenar),3)genesis(silvermoon),4)ace(silvermoon),5)obsidian(silvermoon)
B. Reason for leaving previous your Guild(s):1)disbanded 2)disbanded 3)failed trial 4)went casual for a short period then couldnt get my raid spot back) 5)quited wow at cata
C. How active are you and what level of raid attendance can we expect from you?:I play almost all day everyday but i cant play all nights due to irl issues i saw your raid times and days and fit me perfectly so i will be really active
D. Give the hours (in server time) that you can raid between e.g. 07.30pm-11.30pm:15:00-1 am
E. Previous raiding experience in vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK: you can check my main chr its Daskalos on silvermoon to see my kills,raid achievs on hc and normal modes along with their dates(most of them pre-nerfs)


A. Brief computer specification & Internet connection:Processor:AMD Phenom(tm)II X 4 925 processor (4 CPUS), ~2,8 GHz
Memory:8G RAM
Internet:24 mgbpds adsl
B. Do you have any issues with D/C or computer related problems?:never
C. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Ventrilo?:ofc i do!!!
D. Describe your UI, which addons are used?i only use tukui,dbm and omen


A. Why do you want to join the Insidious Guild?:i want to play casual at this expansion and insidious seems to fit my raid days and time 100%
B. Why should we pick you over someone else?:i can offer a loyal member and experienced raider being always focused and prepared for the raids
C. Is there anything you would like to add?: my name means teacher in greek language Razz (i know that made your decision already)
D. How did you hear about us and is there anyone in Insidious who can vouch for you?: nope
E. Now tell us a joke:B. Why should we pick you over someone else?: cause ITS ME!!!!!!!(dunno i wanted to write it the first time i saw the question)


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Post  Alexferguson on Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:18 am

Thanks for application we will get back to you soon us possible.


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Post  idcfa on Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:14 pm

Hey i'll gif u a shout online Razz


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