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Post  laserfågel on Tue May 07, 2013 10:19 pm


A. Name: Johnny Jansson
B. Age and gender: 22 And im a male, last time i checked
C. Location: Sweden
D. Tell us something about yourself: Im a mature 22year old dude. I live alone in my apartment, singel. I work as a construction builder, working 5 days a week, from 07:00 until 15:30.


A. Server: Twisting Nether
B. Character name: Laserfågel
C. Race and class: Troll druid
D. Number of days played (/played): 19 days.
E. What professions do you have on your main character and are they maxed out?: JC & BS and they'r at that skill to get bonuses from it.


A. Previous Guild(s): Rising Sun
B. Reason for leaving previous your Guild(s): Not doing any progress at all, it's a dead guild these days.
C. How active are you and what level of raid attendance can we expect from you?: Very very active, you can expect 100% from me.
D.We raid twice per week(with one optional). Give the hours (in server time) that you can raid between e.g. 07.30pm-11.00pm at Monday and Thursday: I can raid everyday that time.
E. Previous raiding experience in vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK:
Didn't raid at all in vanilla and tbc, but in wotlk i cleared every content with my paladin, as tank (tjernobykid at twisting nether).
Early cataclysm i played my DK (Verdicht @ Twisting nether) And raided as Blood.
Late Cataclysm i played my hunter (Riversidemf @ Sylvanas).


A. Brief computer specification & Internet connection: Having 120fps at ultraxion 25m, it's enough for me. Internet is fine, never ever gets DCed
B. Do you have any issues with D/C or computer related problems?: Nope.
C. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Ventrilo?: Yes, i can do that.
D. Describe your UI, which addons are used? ElvUI + DBM + Recount.


A. Why do you want to join the Insidious Guild?: I feel i want to contribute with something, i want to raid heroic raids and raid serious, i cba being in a slacker guild not doing anything.
B. Why should we pick you over someone else?: Cause im probably the most serious gamer you can find these days, i give everything into raiding, i love raiding. The feeling you get when you get down a progress encounter is fantastic.
C. Is there anything you would like to add?: I hope you can see past my low exp in ToT and trust me for what im worth, and that i will not screw this up.
D. How did you hear about us and is there anyone in Insidious who can vouch for you?: I heard about you from some friends doing LFRs with some of you guys, and said that you played good and such.
E. Now tell us a joke: A human walks in to a doctor's office and sees a tauren with a gnome on his head. "Oh my!" says the human. "What on earth happened to you?"
The gnome goes "Well, it all started with a spot on my bottom.."
Very Happy


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Resto druid - Raider - Laserfågel Empty Re: Resto druid - Raider - Laserfågel

Post  Alexferguson on Thu May 09, 2013 2:22 am

Hello thanks for applying to insidious.Will talk with officers and get back to you soon us possible.


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Resto druid - Raider - Laserfågel Empty Re: Resto druid - Raider - Laserfågel

Post  idcfa on Sat May 11, 2013 4:22 am

Appl Decline . GL finding New Home


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Resto druid - Raider - Laserfågel Empty Re: Resto druid - Raider - Laserfågel

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