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Post  Sveddan on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:41 am


A. Name: Victor
B. Age and gender: 20 male
C. Location: sweden
D. Tell us something about yourself: I like to hang out with my friends, party hard or go home Wink progress attitude where I'm serious when I need to be 100% all the time.


A. Server: twisting nether
B. Character name: Sveddan
C. Race and class: Undead rogue
D. Number of days played (/played): 24 days
E. What professions do you have on your main character and are they maxed out?: engineering and leatherworking full


A. Previous Guild(s): Sneakattack
B. Reason for leaving previous your Guild(s): Well i went off cuz of school and irl problems, and when i came back they already had a nice progress in ToT so i was undergeared.. so i had a "standby" spot cuz i was undergeared, but now im back on my rogue and looking for a really nice guild that focusing 100% on raiding
C. How active are you and what level of raid attendance can we expect from you?: I'm active on a daily basis, always researching my class and spec and how to improve it. so i will be 100% focusing and will always come in time for raids with food,flask,pots!
D.We raid twice per week(with one optional). Give the hours (in server time) that you can raid between e.g. 07.30pm-11.00pm at Monday and Thursday: I can raid between 07.00pm - 23.30pm (even 00.00 if it's necessary)
E. Previous raiding experience in vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK: I started play in Tbc, i cleared kara,gruul,magtheridon, and some bosses in hyjal, when icc came out i was for the first time "hardcore" raider, cleared os3d 10/25, naxx 10/25, ulduar 10/25, icc 10/25 with 12/12 hc 10 man and 11/12 hc 25 man without any problem, WotLk was the best expansion for sure.


A. Brief computer specification & Internet connection: intel core i7 3770k
16g RAM
my ms is around 20-25 all the time, with stable internet connection without any problems
B. Do you have any issues with D/C or computer related problems?: Just bought a new computer so its np at all! no lagg or fps drops or anything, my internet i stable all the time Smile never had a dc or anything aswell.
C. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Ventrilo?: Yes i have two headsets (one backup) both with a working microphone and functioning speakers so I will be able to hear and communicate myself
D. Describe your UI, which addons are used?


A. Why do you want to join the Insidious Guild?: I don't want a hardcore raiding guild since it's usually very stressful and I still want to have some spare time for my friends and irl stuff, so i wanted a nice casual raiding guild a soild core for progressing.
B. Why should we pick you over someone else?: cuz im always in time, giving 100% in all raids, having pots,food,flasks in my bag all the time, do my research on bosses and play my class and spec to the fullest, and i dont want to let anybody down
C. Is there anything you would like to add?:
D. How did you hear about us and is there anyone in Insidious who can vouch for you?: hehe all started that i played 2v2 arena with Idcfa, and he told me that you guys are searching for a rogue Smile so thats why im here and doing a apply.
E. Now tell us a joke:

Do you want to hear a dirty joke?
A white horse fell in the mud.


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Sveddan Assassination rogue Empty Re: Sveddan Assassination rogue

Post  Alexferguson on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:10 pm

Hello thanks for applying to insidious.You seem like a dedicated player , first time i see someone saying "WotLk was the best expansion for sure" will let that one slide Razz. Only good part of that expansion was ulduar anyway everything looks good .U logged out with your pvp gear but i guess pve gear is up there too you will hear from us tonight.


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