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Post  Macku on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:32 am


A. Name: Marcus
B. Age and gender:20M
C. Location:The mighty land that look like Northrend,Norway! Smile
D. Tell us something about yourself:First of all, i am a Electrician, just finished my education, on my spare time i do Weighttraining and i play alot. also got a gf that take some time.
im a friendly and kind player, that like to help others, and i always come prepared. i also like to be a part of a nice guild enviorement Smile


A. Server: Twisting Nether
B. Character name: Macku
C. Race and class: Tauren Paladin
D. Number of days played (/played): 80 days on this one. 120 on my old pala, and 64 on my mage.
E. What professions do you have on your main character and are they maxed out?: BS and Alchemy. yes, bs miss 2 lvls.


A. Previous Guild(s): I have recently been on Grim batol-Fracture and THats how i roll.
B. Reason for leaving previous your Guild(s): Not enough time becouse examns and school..
C. How active are you and what level of raid attendance can we expect from you?:
ATM im very active, and have alots of sparetime to game, since im not working this year.
D.We raid twice per week(with one optional). Give the hours (in server time) that you can raid between e.g. 07.30pm-11.30pm at Monday and Thursday: Ill be there! and all the other days to Smile
E. Previous raiding experience in vanilla WoW, TBC and WotLK: A little in Vanilla, like onyxia only. TBC i cleared everything except Kael'jaeden. this was on my pala that i lost. and i woltk i cleared ICC
and did some heroic icc, TOC HC. Lanoo-Ghostlands.i cleared everything hc in Cata, except RS. done Madness hc both as tank and dps.


A. Brief computer specification & Internet connection:
16 gb 1866 mhz Ram, 256 gb ssd+3tb. Amd 8core OC:4.60 ghz watercooled. Crossfire xfx hd radeon 7950. ROG motherboard. 850PS. IC: 50 up and 50 down.

B. Do you have any issues with D/C or computer related problems?: Nope.
C. Do you have a headset with a microphone and are you able to communicate verbally in English on Ventrilo?: Yes i do Smile
D. Describe your UI, which addons are used? I use a customised Elvui, with my own preferences and addons. DBM,Skada/recount,sexymap and some stylish fonts,jacintofont ect.


A. Why do you want to join the Insidious Guild?: I wanna join the guild because i want a nice guild enviorement, i find this very important in a guild to work. and i want a steady and nice guild.
B. Why should we pick you over someone else?: Because im a riable(dat grammar) and i always meet to raid, prepared with everything needed. i also always bring feeast to you! And ofc, i know my class very good.good dps and i dont stand in shit.
C. Is there anything you would like to add?: you can count on me!
D. How did you hear about us and is there anyone in Insidious who can vouch for you?: i heard it from Frostbomftw
E. Now tell us a joke: What did the two tomatoes say when they cross the road? come on ketsjup ! haha..



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Post  idcfa on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:26 pm

Tnx for the appl but we cant feet u in our team atm . GL with finding new Team !


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